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What is xCubicle?
During the day, we're a hybrid tech shop specializing in electronics rework & Drupal web development. At night the space transforms into a skill share hackerspace to host meetups and workshops where like minded folks can come together to share resources and knowledge. We're a big fan of IDEO's philosophy (Video) of "Design Thinking" and working towards integrating this into our space and company.
Why we do what we do?
We love technology and love taking things apart to see how it ticks. Its either in hardware or software and we were able to combine those two in what we do everyday. Having such a unique setup, we want to attract others with skills and give them an outlet using our space to foster new and growing meetup communties.
How long have you been in business?
Since 2007 for the repair business, but some of us have been web/tech freelancers since 1999.
Why the name xCubicle?
Initially it was only a 8 by 8 foot cubicle storefront where a couple of us freelancers used it as a work space to meet clients and do work.
How did you get into the electronics repair business?
Since we had a street level office space, our display window was donated to a friend to help promote his electronics repair business. After his business shut down we were left with customers coming to us for repairs, which is how we acquired the repair portion of our business. And since we were in the arts of making websites and keeping clients happy, it was a match made in heaven. We utilized what we knew about the web and how to deal with clients and ended capitalizing on this niche repair market. Now were a hybrid tech shop.
How did the skill share hackerspace come about?
Having noticed that each person had a skill in their particular field or interest, there was no place to share this knowledge among others with similar skillsets. There just aren't many good venues in NYC to provide an incubator space for new technology to foster and grow within a community. We aim to provide meetups and workshops in small groups of 10-20 for a more interactive experience where everyone can get to know one another a bit easier.

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