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President Obama asked Congress <b>on</b> Monday to rewrite the No Child Left Behind law by fall, escalating the urgency of his campaign to overhaul public education. <b>IN</b> ASCENCION, MEXICO -- In this dusty farm <b>town,</b> an hour south of the U.S.<br> border, more than 40 <b>people</b> were abducted <b>-</b> one a week - in the first nine months of the year.In his late-career action movies, Tom Cruise manages to be <b>the</b> one thing he <b>has</b> never been in real life: Relatable.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Patricia Roman and William <b>Soto</b> wanted <b>to</b> buy <b>an</b> apartment in<br><img src="http://cdn.smosh.com/sites/default/files/bloguploads/celebrity-name-pun-taylor-drift.jpg"><br> Brooklyn, but that’s not where they wound up. PECHORY, Russia — Dima Yakovlev lived at the <b>orphanage</b> here and so did <b>Maxim</b> Kuzmin. Both were adopted by American parents, <b>and,</b> five years apart, both died in the United <b>States.<br></b> Two young boys from this out-of-the-way town, they became symbols for <b>those</b> who successfully agitated to stop the flow of Russian children into American homes. Read full <b>article</b> &#62;&#62;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Crack open a copy of <b>"The</b> Men's Health <a href = "http://zed15.tumblr.com/vision-without-glasses">vision without-glasses </a> of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular You!" and you'll find a compilation of 619 moves designed to <b>work</b> every muscle in your body. If you thought you'd see anything all that different inside "The Women's Health <b>Big</b> Book of Ex... The author of <b>“World</b> War <b>Z”</b> may be <b>the</b> son <b>of</b> the master of parody, but he is deadly serious about the undead.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch is leaving the company to take a job at Apple, a one-time close partner of Adobe that became the most vociferous <b>critic</b> <b>of</b> its Flash technology. The ad-hoc nature of moviemaking on the margins <b>can</b> lead <b>to</b> some hurt feelings when Oscar <b>nominations</b> are announced.<br> “We will<br><img src="http://junebugweddings.com/uploads_2009//junebug-best-of%25202012-intro-Chris-Jaksa-Chris-plus-Lynn.jpg"><br> be going to space at the end of this year,” Richard Branson, the <b>founder</b> of Virgin Galactic, said after the vessel, the SpaceShipTwo, <b>made</b> its first powered flight.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> Despite a strong pull desire to finish hisdegree, Partick Nyarko decided to turn pro and enter the MLS after a <a href = "http://zed15.tumblr.com/Shapeshifter-Yoga">Shapeshifter Yoga </a> <b>year</b> at Virginia Tech. Kidnappers freed two Syrian bishops on Tuesday who had been abducted in the northern city of Aleppo, a church official said, but the identities<br><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-4QXGgJw4dP0/UFs3-_PRvRI/AAAAAAAAB9Q/-FFfVMH3Z9Q/s1600/imagedogs.jpg"><br> of their kidnappers remained <b>uncertain.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br></b> The <b>Spring</b> North<br><img src="http://highermusic.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/camile.jpg"><br> American Championships in St. Louis in March featured a lot more excellent deals than is usual for a Nationals.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> -- --- Japan central <b>bank</b> feeds markets money after quake Led by MVP Robinson Cano the Dominican Republic beat Puerto Rico 3-0 in final to win first World Baseball ClassicDominican Republic <b>3,</b> Puerto Rico 0 - as it happenedThe Dominican Republic claimed <b>its</b> first World Baseball Classic title in impressive style: <b>going</b> unbeaten throughout the tournament and shutting out Puerto Rico in the final.Edwin Encarnacion <b>hit</b> a two-run double in the first inning, helping the Dominican Republic to a 3-0 win in Tuesday's final."Tomorrow will be a national holiday," said Moises Alou, <b>the</b> Dominican general manager.<br> "It was <b>a</b> tremendous win."Robinson<br> Cano<br><img src="http://animal.discovery.com/tv/a-list/creature-countdowns/myths/images/dog.jpg"><br> earned MVP honors, Erick Aybar added an RBI double <a href = "http://zed15.tumblr.com/directory-of-ezines">directory of ezines review </a> winner Samuel Deduno, and the demonstrative Dominican <b>threw</b> his<br><img src="http://cdn.motinetwork.net/demotivationalposters.net/image/demotivational-poster/0808/there-is-a-fine-line-downy-rtard-funny-pez-hilarious-demotivational-poster-1218350667.jpg"><br> arms into the air in delight after watching a run-saving defensive gem by center fielder Alejandro De Aza in a <b>tough</b> fifth inning.The<br> Dominican fans didn't let the Bay Area's wet weather keep them from dancing in the stands, waving flags and tooting horns. Flags became makeshift ponchos.The<br> celebrations spread to the <b>Dominican</b> capital, where some 50,000 more supporters gathered to watch on giant televisions inside and outside of Estadio Quisqueya.Now <b>the</b> Dominicans get their long-awaited fiesta, a party they figured to have in 2009 until the <b>Netherlands</b> spoiled the plan by beating them twice for a stunning <b>first-round</b> exit.After<br> Fernando Rodney struck out Luis Figueroa to end it, the Dominicans rushed the mound each player waving his own flag.The Dominicans, with eight consecutive wins, clinched the title it in the very city where countrymen Felipe, Jesus and the late Matty Alou made history in 1963 when they appeared in the same Giants <b>outfield</b> for several games. <a href = "http://zed15.tumblr.com/ex-girlfriend-guru">ex girlfriend guru </a> son of former San Francisco skipper Felipe, is the Dominican general manager.No matter their team, Caribbeans <b>had</b> so much to cheer in the championship of a tournament missing the star-studded <b>American</b> <b>team</b> yet again.<br> The U.S. failed to reach the final for the third time in as many WBCs.Puerto<br> Rico eliminated two-time <b>Classic</b> champion Japan <b>with</b> a 3-1 victory Sunday night to make it an <b>all-Caribbean</b> final.Deduno<br> followed up a fine outing in a win against the Americans last Thursday with another strong performance that <b>will</b> send him back to the Minnesota Twins with some nice momentum. <b>Deduno</b> struck <b>out</b> five in five scoreless <b>innings,</b> allowing two <b>hits</b> and walking three to finish with a 0.69 ERA for the tournament. And Rodney struck out two and finished for his seventh save as the bullpen closed out this special <b>run</b> with 25 2-3 scoreless innings. The relievers didn't allow a run after the <b>fourth</b> inning <b>of</b> their first-round victory against Puerto Rico on March 10 in San <a href = "http://zed15.tumblr.com/natural-vitiligo-treatment">natural vitiligo treatment </a> and I'm thrilled," said reliever Santiago Casilla, who won the WBC title and World Series championship in all of about five months.In the top of the fifth, the grounds<br><img src="http://images.northrup.org/picture/xl/prairie-dogs/prairie-dog-family-portrait-2.jpg"><br> crew scurried out to rake the mound after it became slippery in the rain and Deduno walked Alex Rios on<br><img src="http://media1.onsugar.com/files/2012/11/47/3/301/3019466/Someecards-COVER.xxxlarge/i/Funny-Thanksgiving-Someecards.jpg"><br> five pitches to lead off the inning. After Carlos Rivera flied out, De Aza ran down <b>Andy</b> Gonzalez's long fly to the gap in left-center and made a reaching snag at the warning track with <b>his</b> back to the infield.Deduno<br> then walked Jesus Feliciano.<br> Pena paid the pitcher a mound visit but stuck with him, <b>and</b> Deduno struck out Angel Pagan swinging after falling behind 2-0. Deduno pumped his fists again as he charged off the mound and was surrounded by celebratory teammates.In<br> the <b>bottom</b> half, De Aza did it with his bat.<br> He ended an 0-for-12 stretch <b>when</b> he laid down a perfect bunt single toward third.The Dominicans became the first unbeaten WBC champion, beating Puerto <a href = "http://zed15.tumblr.com/Fibroids-Miracle">Fibroids-Miracle </a> the third time in this Classic.And now they earn the distinction of world champion, too the first time in WBC history.New<br> York Yankees star Cano finished the Classic batting .469<br> (15 for 32) with two home runs, six RBIs, six runs scored and two doubles.<br> He also earned MVP honors <b>in</b> each of <b>the</b> first two rounds. Encarnacion finished with six RBIs <b>in</b> the WBC."I'll<br> tell you one thing: Tonight we're going to celebrate, tomorrow we're going to celebrate, and Thursday we're going to worry about spring training," Cano said.The Puerto Ricans <b>were</b> 0 for 11 with runners in scoring position. 35,703 attended the final, making a total of 96,913 for the three finals games <b>in</b> San Francisco and a <b>tournament</b> total of 885,212, beating the previous record of 801,410 in 2009.Japan's loss to Puerto Rico on Sunday was watched by 51% of potential viewers in Japan, MLB said. The game also was the <b>most-watched</b> sporting event in the <b>past</b> year in Puerto Rico, with the <a href = "http://zed15.tumblr.com/trademiner">trademiner download </a> getting a 74% share.World Baseball ClassicBaseballUS sportsMLBSteve Busfieldguardian.co.uk<br> &copy; 2013 <b>Guardian</b> News and <b>Media</b> Limited or its affiliated <b>companies.<br></b> <b>All</b> rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds The Department of Homeland Security is taking a critical<br><img src="http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/3100000/the-simpsons-vs-family-guy-the-simpsons-vs-family-guy-3145242-600-638.jpg"><br> look at how well the Washington area is prepared for a terrorist strike or other disaster, amid complaints by business leaders and the local congressional delegation about a lack of sufficient emergency planning since the Sept. 11, 2001,...<br> Martin Schmidt, an MIT professor of electrical <b>engineering</b> <b>and</b> associate provost, <b>will</b> <b>lead</b> two offices that serve as important connections <b>between</b> industry and the faculty and staff<br><img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_XsM8pTSwFQA/SYbqJ45FlCI/AAAAAAAACJc/7-VMZwS1ZR0/s1600/Lovely%2BHeart%2Bin%2BSea%2BSand.jpg"><br> at MIT who conduct industry-sponsored research: the Technology Licensing Office (TLO)<br><img src="http://pix.rejecttheherd.net/d/8466-2/fart.jpg"><br> and the Office of Corporate Relations (OCR), which includes the Industrial Liaison Program. The change was announced to the MIT community today in an email<br><img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/--9M-WZaAK7g/Ta4hhY1uBaI/AAAAAAAAAEg/bRzr6-_VTgo/s1600/pretty-little-liars-promos-02.jpg"><br> from President L. Rafael Reif outlining this <b>and</b> other administrative changes.As associate provost, Schmidt manages the Institute’s space and <a href = "http://zed15.tumblr.com/tinnitusmiracle">tinnitusmiracle download </a> for capital projects.<br> He will maintain that responsibility as he takes on his new duties.The TLO, which manages the patenting, licensing, trademarking <b>and</b> copyrighting of intellectual property developed at MIT, currently reports to the vice president for research.<br> The OCR, which currently reports <b>to</b> MIT’s Office of Resource Development, works to foster relationships between companies and MIT.<br> In his email to the community, <b>Reif</b> cited<br><img src="http://slowbuddy.com/wp-content/gallery/sad-pictures/1347sad.jpg"><br> Schmidt’s experience as “a manufacturing entrepreneur in his own right.” Schmidt consults with industry in the commercialization of technology and is a co-founder <b>of</b> a number of companies that are <b>commercializing</b> products enabled by microelectromechanical systems.<br> Schmidt also recently served as the faculty lead in the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, a White House–led task force of government, <b>industry</b> and academic leaders charged with charting a path toward a renaissance in American manufacturing.<br> “Professor Schmidt already serves as a point<br><img src="http://25dip.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/1260894977149-annual-dog-show.jpg"><br> person for many MIT faculty who <b>either</b> conduct or are interested in conducting industry-sponsored research,” Provost Chris<br><img src="http://fire-engine-red.com/css/images/slide1.jpg"><br> Kaiser said. <b>“By</b> making this change, <a href = "http://zed15.tumblr.com/Pregnancy-Miracle">Pregnancy Miracle pdf </a> give a wider part of MIT’s entrepreneurial ecosystem <b>the</b> benefit of Professor Schmidt’s talent for establishing relationships that move MIT-born innovation into the marketplace. I am thrilled that he has accepted this responsibility.”Schmidt<br> received his BS degree from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his SM and <b>PhD</b> degrees from MIT. Since 1988 he has been a faculty member in MIT’s Department of <b>Electrical</b> Engineering and Computer Science. From 1999 <b>to</b> 2006 he served as the director of the Microsystems Technology Laboratories. Schmidt is the co-author of more than 80 journal publications and 120 peer-reviewed <b>conference</b> proceedings.<br> He is also an inventor on more than 30 U.S.<br> patents. One way to get your children to put down <b>the</b> remote is to have them design their own rooms.<br> Gen. Antonio Injai was charged in New York on cocaine and weapons <b>charges,</b> part of an operation targeting top figures in a <b>country</b> long considered a major narco-state.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Thousands of Palestinians took to the streets of the Gaza Strip <b>and</b> <a href = "http://zed15.tumblr.com/forex-growth-bot">forex growth bot </a> Bank to demand an end to the rift between Hamas and Fatah that has left the territories in the control of rival governments. Penn State is making steady progress in <b>implementing</b> the requirements outlined by the NCAA following the sanctions for the Jerry Sandusky <b>child</b> <b>sex</b> abuse scandal, former U.S. Sen.<br> George Mitchell said <b>Friday.</b> The fifth part <b>of</b> London's Southbank <b>Centre's</b> <b>Rest</b> is Noise festival - that takes as its starting point<br><img src="http://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/thesouthern.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/a/68/a68fd6aa-7e1b-5609-b509-28227eaec659/50b92dd2dde6c.preview-620.jpg"><br> Alex Ross's survey of 20th century music - focuses on music in pre-war America. Here, US conductor Marin Alsop and the <b>Guardian's</b> Tom Service discuss the African-American inspiration for Antonín Dvořák's New World Symphony, and key <b>figures</b> from the era such <b>as</b> black composer William Grant Still, and Duke Ellington's mentor, violinist Will Marion Cook.Cameron RobertsonLaura BartonImogen TildenTom Service There’s a really big TV in my bedroom. Should I try to <b>conceal</b> it before showing my home to potential buyers? The fifth annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards ceremony in Los Angeles carried an extra heavy load of

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