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The new 'Europe undefeatable':
Hugobrain, Sicro and Typhooooon!

Always looking for team games, especially Europe 3 X 3. Invite anytime!
I usually can play several turns a day.
Eastern Time - HQ based in Montreal QC.
Prefer 1d turns, Team Games, w/ 4-5-6 players, +/- 100 in rank.
"I'd rather lose a city than an army."
My #1 suggestion for this great little game:
Fog of War! FOW FTW! Units would have different view range; everything beyond would be grayed out. Shooting units become 'spotted', until they move out of sight. New unit? Officer - with extended view range.
It would then be possible to build surprise reserves, etc.
21-3-21 / 25
Thanks to the devs to keep upgrading WeeWar!

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