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Do not play with james70 - he said he wont kick over night and when i signed on in the morning he kicked
I need to leave for the night. Will you not kcik me and play tomorrow between 6-8EST?
cause i'm not a jerk
that's a yes
cool thanks - have a good night see you tomorrow
• New Score for james70:1526 (+15)
• New Score for Sevendust:1485 (-15)
• james70 removed Sevendust from this game.

And another...
# New Score for Sevendust:1549 (-9)
# New Score for x:1731 (+9)
# x removed Sevendust from this game.

I'm retiring b/c of this shiznit. I'm clearly winning so they just kick you all the time. I can't take a 3 day weekend and not worry about checking weewars. No thanks.

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