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pro player

No longer playing due to my disagreeing with their further limiting trail players to coerce more people to pay for pro.

It used to be that non-pro players could choose from 10 or so maps. Some of those maps were 6-4-3-2 player maps. We could also (for a short time) decide rating limits. (e.g. Only players with rating between 1400-1550 could join this game.)
We could have up to 4 games at once.
We could once play with 7 different units. (All of which we could turn on or off to vary gameplay.)
Pro players could invite us to a game and we could then use all the pro units during that time.

Now however, at the time of my quitting, we have only 3 2-player maps to choose from. We can't decide rating limits. We only have 4 units we can play with, none of which we can turn on or off. Etc.

I support trying to get more people to pay. (I understand that WeeWar cost's money to upkeep.) I do not however support strangling those who, for whatever reason, can't or don't want to pay in order to weasel out more cash.

Therefore, I have quit WeeWar and I don't expect to ever come back. It was great while it lasted, but I guess the lesson to be learned here is that good things never last.

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