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Want to play me?
Sure I'm ready...

Please make sure it's got one of these :

Un-rated if NOT One vs One
Un-rated if Custom Map
Rated if One vs One

ALL MUST BE 3 DAY PASTE (I'm usually doing my turn at 1day 20hrs, into my turn...)

Need help on learning to play the game?
You found the right profile!

Invite me to a Un-rated Game
(Set up new game, and set to friends only, and type in my name)
with a Map of your choice.
I'll teach you the basics, and need to knows. :-)


I live in United State's, Florida.
I am a Female, and my age is hidden.

I'm am a nice person, and I have manners.
Altho rumors say otherwise.

I admit, I can have a bad side.
Only when People tick me off...

I listen to Alternative Rock music, and anything around there.
It's all I've ever liked, and I never could like any other type.

I speak English, and some Japanese.
Teaching myself Japanese was a New Years Revolution, kind of thing here in 2009.

I'm still learning of course, as Japanese is the hardest rated language to learn.
Altho I am learning it because I love the Culture :-)

I enjoy creating maps, mostly Balanced and Fair maps
They all look great and look totally different
Go ahead check them out!

(Nothing More To Say)


Moron List : Only for those whom have done something stupid, or wrong. Anything that has bad person written around them


1. Streen --- Rude Remarks, and Bad Attitude --- 24/Feb/2009 --- 16674
2. Lucian --- Stating false comments --- 24/Feb/2009 --- 38566


Tip :

Don't kick people from game's. It's wrong and makes yourself look horrible.


Avatar is ~ Amy Lee ~ Evanescence's Lead Singer
P.S My name (KongouShin) is 'Diamond Heart' in Japanese

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