Tools and services and other bits and bobs


3rd party tools and services for Weewar. Clever game notification systems, widgets and web apps nicely supplementing Weewar's built-in functionality.

Check out our API if you want to start your own tool. We are happy to add any applications or sites we find noteworthy or that have proven popular. Make sure to add yourself to the tools and services section on the wiki. This is were we look first.

Please note: Weewar is not responsible for the distribution or performance of any of these 3rd party applications and services.

Game extensions


WeeHQ is a small desktop utility that lets you keep tabs on games. It sits in the system tray and is easily accessible no matter what application you're using. Versions for Windos, Linux and OS X are available. Created by IronDuck.


PyWeeStatus is a neat OS X menu bar extension adding one of our cute Troopers to your menu, diligently alerting you to any movements in your headquarters. A linux version is also available. Created by Andremar.

Weewar Dashboard

Weewar Dashboard is a another notifier for your Windows system tray. It will check for your status and notify you whenever it is your turn with a clickable link. Created by Winter.


Weewarify runs on your computer and notifies you if it is your turn in any of your games. Using Adobe’s AIR it works on almost any platform. Created by Bruce.

Widgets, Gadgets, more...

iGoogle / Website Widget

This widget gives you up-to-date access to your current rating, your win/loss record, your current games and your preferred players. It works on your personalized Google home page and any website that supports Widgets. Created by Ben Petro.

Weewar application for Facebook

Adds your Weewar stats and a list of current games to your Facebook profile. It also shows who of your friends is on Weewar. Created by Steven Halford.

External sites

Weewar Wiki

This dedicated Weewar Wiki provides a wealth of information about Weewar and everybody is invited to contribute. This has grown into a fantastic Weewar resource and we are committed contributers ourselves. The service was set up by bjtitus.

The Weewar Times

A large collection of interviews, articles, tips, and community news about Weewar. Created by Tygerdave.

Weewar in the wild

Weewar on Twitter

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