Copy of Stirling's Europe v4.02 by OUC

1-6 players Played 1 times Favored by 0 Income: 200 Start credits: 1000

Missing man formation: Play the game without white. Purple red and green will rush for bases, which should give blue and yellow some additional breathing room or higher power early as the other colors deploy resources away from the typical borders.

Expanding to allow red and yellow more land access to attack each other. Heavily modified starting units and bases. Note that green has a unit in Africa. America is no longer Spain and will have to invade to get their first base. If playing FFA, then blue must be careful of purple's counter capture capability.

advice on playing this map:
Green ALWAYS needs a navy. With enough naval power green can protect all of it's bases except the one unless green keeps a BB in the harbor. Green should also have a couple jets. Red should activate the base by the mountain, one of the bases of the pair just east of that, the base west of Moscow, the base to the east and the first base southwest towards the Ukraine with the starting units and build a hover. White should probably activate with all infantry on turn 1, but there are some other strategies that can work. Blue should get all the french bases when playing BRP vs YGW with purple getting the Belgium base. Purple is only fighting white and only about half of white's power and should be able to do well with Ireland, UK and Belgium. Purple should activate and save for destroyers, but an early hover or two can cause white to spend on expensive hovers which would help red by lessening white expenditures in the east. Blue can't field 2 fleets and expect to win either naval battle in FFA, which means a choice may have to be made to abandon some bases or find an alternative defense such as with an air force or artillery. Purple has a similar problem in FFA. They could ignore each other, but that doesn't always work out that well. In FFA this map favors red white and yellow.

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