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can we play a game with 3 humans vs 3 ai? we tried to make a 6 player game with 3 bots but only one bot responded (zapp).

Is this game still valid.
The forums seem dead . . . did everyone move onto a different game, it is still being up kept?





At the moment there are no other functioning bots apart from http://weewar.com/user/ai_ZappBrannigan so you can only play with one ai, However there are some maps made with a bias to give one ai more units like this one http://weewar.com/map/63220


Heavy Trooper


i know it might not be polite to advertise other games.. but since weewar has no more development i will..

You can try the android/ios TBS-game uniwar wich have possibility for teamplay where you can assign AI (bots) to the spot you want. (For example it is possible to play 4 vs 4 where you are the only human player)
Uniwar have possibility for 2 vs 2, 3vs 3 and 4 vs 4.

One thing weewar does better is the possibility to ad hoc create teams during a fight.




New to the game but enjoy the gameplay(a smaller version of avalon hill wargames)only complaint is the slow play.A day to make a move ? REALLY?No wonder the site is dieing judgeing by the forum activity.Is like chess by mail jesus!! I can commit to sitting and playing a good match in 2-3 hours but a move a day with possibility of months of snail play is not reasonable if the game is even completed.Let alone I refuse to commit to being online EVERY day of my life..and yes I HAVE a life lol.If anyone out there would like to hook up occasionally and play a fast paced game add me to your list,guess 10 minute max move the best can do here.Looking at the high rates of some of these people betting most of that is because of opponents timing out or dieing before game over lol




ZOC, that is why there are short time games.

But while you are right that a game might drag on for a long time, you are forgetting that you can have up to 15 games active.... if you get into 7+ games then you are almost guaranteed of having turns ready to take whenever you login. So that way it may take an individual game several weeks to finish, you are constantly playing.