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Poll results: Do you ever use berserkers?

They're a core unit in my games 0% [ 0 ]
Occasionally 15% [ 3 ]
Seldom 5% [ 1 ]
Hardly ever/Never 80% [ 16 ]
Total Votes : 20



Heavy Trooper


Maybe its just me, but berserkers seem inferior in practically every aspect compared to the heavy tank, both on paper and in practice. You're essentially paying an extra 50% more credits for...

33% more damage to hard units
40% more damage to soft units
40% more damage to anything else a tank can attack.

These stats already seem rather underwhelming, yet the berserker has even more disadvantages tacked on with a -1 movement point and a slower repair rate.

Then there's the practical issue with any decent amount of artillery backed by troopers being able to completely murder these guys. Berserkers might be useful in maps with tight chokepoints, but still, is there any practical use of a berserker over a heavy tank that can move better, repair faster, tank just as well, and still dish out good damage?


Heavy Tank


There are a few edge cases where they are useful but it's very rare. They were going to be a part of the rebalance before all development stopped.


Heavy Trooper


Berserkers are more expensive than heavy tanks relatively to their stats, so you are right: usually you'd want to go for heavy tanks instead.

But situational they might be of use, for example if you have not much bases to produce at or you are surrounded and need to make some space quickly. Depends on the map.

zerks are often used in the beginning of http://weewar.com/map/44176 for example.
I guess they would be used on http://weewar.com/map/60934 too, if the income was higher.

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This also tends to turn into a 'Zerk-fest:

But all in all I agree that Berserkers are mostly useless. My heart gerenally frolics when my opponent (generally a beginner) starts to waste his ressources on them.


Heavy Trooper


Tanks/heavy tanks are already a rarely built niche unit on a 'standard' map. Artillery and air knock them out. Then exacerbate their weaknesses and you have the berserker.




I guess more people would consider using them, if they had a repair of 2.
Without it, they are of no use at all.