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After losing my second 3-player game despite having a superior army backed up with a superior number of bases, I have decided that the main issue hindering my ability to win is that I am really bad at getting people to not all focus on me. I generally do not type too much during games, so that might be one of my problems.

Of course there is probably no clear answer for this problem, but I would like to know people's opinions on how to persuade others to fight for you rather than against you.




Don't play more than one opponent... Or start with clearly declared teams (mostly in 6-player games or so).

As soon as you're three or more, weird things can happen.

Especially in 3-way games if you dominate early the other two will automatically (and rationally) unite against you as it wouldn't matter for them to grab this or that base from the other one as long as you're going to clobber them all.

Then some of the other players might know each other and even if they don't consciously are going easy on each other they might do so unconsciously.

All in all, such "effects" are impossible to avoid. Again my tips:
- Only play one player
- Declare teams from the beginning (doesn't really work in 3-player games unless the map is planned that way)
- Never ever play multiplayer games rated (as those weird things cannot be avoided).


Heavy Trooper


The trick is to delay their realization of impending doom till they can't counter. This works almost all the time.

A key part is that most players don't really care about winning. More often than not, they'd prefer to win the local fight even if it means losing the game. This is more sensible than it sounds -- if people really tried to rebalance multi-player games would never end, and who wants eternal games?

Thus try not to pick fights with all your neighbors. Encourage them to fight each other.