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I think a really cool feature would be a "fog of war" type thing like in the original pc Warcraft series. Where you can see the whole map but can only see enemy units within a certain distance from your units.
For example, you can see enemies 2 blocks from your nearest troopers.. 3 from tanks.. 4 from rovers, and hover craft.. maybe 5 blocks from aircraft.. etc.
This would allow for more army building up and surprise attacks.



Heavy Trooper


maybe interesting in 1v1 games (or games with two teams), but only as an optional choice. For FFA Games, this may only increase the randomness I guess.
Something I could imagine in a fog-of-war game are "sight-towers", which have to be captured like bases but instead of providing income, they provide vision over a large area.

Still, the additional tactic-component (scouting, backdooring...) this faciliates, may also eliminate other tactial aspects. For example, I guess since it is more dangerous to attack if you don't know what's expecting you, players will most likely start building up heavy defences and game progress will be very slow. Also, in those games, the "undo" option has to be removed.

I actually like the complete-information style of weewar (the only randomness are the battles, but they still are quite predictable).

Needless to say that this discussion is purely theoretical anyway, as weewar is not under development anymore.




First off, never hurts to suggest anything. It's what leads to progress... mostly. However, this topic has been discussed many times before.

Anyway, as mentioned this game isn't really under active development any more so it is very unlikely that this would ever be implemented.

Previous discussions about this topic have spawned mixed and sometimes strong reactions. Some people are highly against this, citing the simplicity of Weewar as its strength; take away the simplicity and Weewar loses its appeal.

I think it might help mix things up a bit and make outcomes of games less predictable, but that remains to be seen.

In any case, turn-based strategy games that I have played that do implement FOW, are often fun and more strategic IMHO.

The net result of discussions is that at the very least it would have to be optional.

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