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Heavy Tank


It is sad for me to say that both Alex and Bert are no longer working at EA, so official EA support for Weewar is probably not coming anytime soon or at all (though I suspect some of you have already guessed that from the long silences and delays). That said, the game and website are still alive, and I check in here occasionally (though less often than before :\), so nothing has really changed.




From Alex:

Alexander Kohlhofer
Sep 6 (9 days ago)

to me
Hey there,

I do not mind spending the time at all. However I am no longer with EA and not at liberty to disclose any financial information.Weewar is currently operated by BioWare Social and I am no longer familiar with the status and plans. I will forward your email to some contacts I still have at EA and hope they will get back to you with some more information.

I am thrilled that people are still so passionate about Weewar!



Alexander Kohlhofer

web: http://kohlhofer.com
email: alexander@kohlhofer.com

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