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howdy weewarriors,

just killing some time this morning on a restricted wee-visit, but it looks like Kain nor Rosie are actually on to respond to my call, so I was reading some old map stratgey posts and found a gold nugget from Stirling that I hadn't seen before:


There is some elaborate discussion of specific maps, including an excellent strategic breakdown of how to play Aruba. But the best lessons are found in his more general discussion of "the wide side of the wedge" and paths to victory.

a lovely little snipit that brings the two concepts together:

"Find the best path to victory. It is the one that has the most advantages or the most advantages that can't be countered or negated in full or in part. Wedges can be won using a high level of aggression or step by step domination. And also realize that the best path to victory is situational and can shift over the course of a single turn or with a single build."

For a collection of lonks to different kinds of strategy posts for newcomers and veterans, check this out: http://weewar.com/forum/posts/list/1277.page

"You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one."
Mikhail Tal


Heavy Trooper


what the heck is a wedge? that's some crazy read. the guy sees weewar the way neo sees the matrix.




The wedge is where the map narrows.... Terrain dictates your freedom to maneuver. The 'wide side of the wedge' is where you can fit more units and move around... but have to defend more. Narrow has less to defend but fewer options for numbers of units or maneuver around.

I like the neo reference... very true.