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Heavy Trooper


I'm almost wondering if this belongs in Map Making. I like a fast game. So seems like a small map is the right choice. But on small map few towns the guy that gets one town ahead. Given that the players are even close in skill. The guy that gets ahead is going to win if he keeps ahead more than 1 turn. Or so it seems to me.

Is there an X number towns to map size that will allow for more of a contest even if one guy gets ahead early? I'm thinking along the lines of 4 towns held vs 5 towns held 5 has got to win after very few turns of lead, right?

So the solution seems to be maps that make it impossible for 1 guy to get ahead before x turns. If there is going to be much development of a battle beyond a death march for the side that is down.



Heavy Trooper


Well now that I think of it there are only a few maps that are not won or lost in the first few turns. Those maps are the ones that are not set up as a race to the middle. There are few of them out there. It would be interesting to see how many people like a map like you describe.




patano pequeno and aruba are some of the few small maps without FTA or early-grab strategies.
I guess the real question is how small of a map are you talking about? maps with few bases represent other strategic challenges as well - specifically that ANY unit on the map becomes valuable since your ability to build units is limited.

on that note - i wonder if patano would play all that much differently if it had a 2000 income per turn.....




That's what this map was all about:

http://weewar.com/map/45663 (WITHOUT HOVERS)

It's not huge, and even after people capture a base or two, it's not over yet.

Also, look for maps where the income is only 50/base. Even if one player is up by 2 whole bases, that still only amounts to a little more than a single trooper per turn, so it makes for a longer, more dramatic game on a small map without a crapload of units.

Turns still go quickly, but the upper hand can go back and forth more easily.




Bloodaxe look for maps with no towns in the middle. Few are set up that way -- lots of map designers like the race at the start of the game. Also with the same production and relatively 'safe' or easy to defend bases then equally skilled players tend to stalemate.